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"Past empty lots and early graves"

Apparently I work in a horror film:

This is my department's floor at present. I haven't been in for several weeks and they are in the middle of extensive renovations but still it was kind of eerie opening up the door and seeing that. The department office is untouched, which makes for a very strange contrast.

more creepy photos with cellphone camera weirdness after the cutCollapse )

It has been a horror movie kind of day all around. We're in the midst of a day long series of thunderstorms, and campus was predictably quiet.

In other news, my tattoo was finished about three weeks ago. It has healed and looks amazing. I'll get around to posting photos soon. We spent the Fourth in Warren, PA with Erika's family. It was a good trip, especially since we saw Jacque on the way home. It made both Erika and I miss places where it is not 96 degrees in July.

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